Who are we ?





A family consists of seven children … 20 to 2 years. Blended for 7 years, we have built together this project and chose to live in this little valley, away from the stress of the city and the middle of the crowd in which we were all drowned. Today, our project is based on the reception in our eco-lodges and soon in a cottage children. Meanwhile we are launching an educational bee farm, which will aim to help you discover the life of bees in the mountains, their environment and the importance they play in the ecosystem. One by one, here is a quick picture of us …


53 years. This is Papa Bear … strong and firm, with its big bowl of coffee in the morning, his chainsaw, the tiller, his hives and good dose of optimism. It was a press photographer for 25 years before retiring this world where everything is moving too fast, and the craft was not recognized and paid its fair value. Today, he set up his apiary, and tirelessly built a beautiful home for her brood, and for guests who decide to come to rest at Montbrand. It also manufactures good honey, to make life even sweeter by his side …


42 years. This is a good small energetic woman, after giving birth to 4 cute little chicks, now oversees the grain. Journalist for 10 years, she has chosen to withdraw this exciting profession, but that does not leave room for family life. She did after becoming the chief editor of local newspapers and regional mapping for a major national newspaper. Today she manages the development of the project, communication and promotion of the various stages. She’s also mountain guide for guiding all those who wish to our beautiful mountains.


25 years. It’s flying eagle. From the top of his meter 90, he left the nest for a long time already to build with his own hands. Carpenter companion, he lives in the Vaucluse where he builds his wooden house.

22 years old. She is an independent and independent girl, who studied design in Grenoble, to create with her hands, what she always liked to do …


18 years old. He is a young man who thrives in studies on applied graphics, and likes to come back from time to time to smell the good air of Montbrand …


15. This is the chief ones. Plans, organizes, directs. She loves having a group of friends with whom tinker little secrets in his room or in his cabin in the woods. She will welcome you, and that is the queen to pass messages to our house lodges.



14 years. This is a runner. He climbs everything and you will go running, always thoroughly … He loves to climb in the forest and on the rocks and watch from the wolf. His dream is to see him one day, because he knows of any reliable source that lives near us.



8 years. It’s independent sir. He too will see him running, or cycling. He is not afraid of anything and lives his little quiet life around the house. Even a little further sometimes ….



7 years. Inseparable from his brother Macéo. A pure product of Montbrand, born in the bedroom of his parents on the 1st floor, July 14, 2011. He will surely see you because he loves the company above all, talk and tell you stories …

Born January 22, 2018 in the same room as Camille, this small shrimp for the moment is pampered, monopolizes his mother for a few months, and is rocked by the many arms of his brothers and sisters around … Welcome to Bayles Abeilles Mae.

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