Notre éco-construction

You will discover with pleasure the environment of the high – Buëch valley is exceptionally well preserved . To respect the natural balance of the region and also by conviction , we chose to renovate this house in eco-construction.

Eco- building is what?
In short, this is the first choice of environmentally friendly materials to manufacture and contact. For example, we selected the use of sheep wool and wood wool to insulate the roof and wood fiber for the outer insulation under the siding larch. It is also the use of local and untreated solid wood for joinery (doors, windows … ) and furniture, instead of exotic woods. It is the application of lime plaster on the walls and paint VOC ( volatile organic compounds). In summary, the air we breathe inside the house is safe for occupants and the environment.

laine de bois exterieure

But to an eco -lodge is also paying particular attention to the insulation , so do not waste unnecessary energy to heat the home. For that we were beyond the standards of 2012 thermal regulations (RT 2012) , with insulation thickness of 12 cm to the ground and 40 cm for walls. The simple warmth of a light bulb and a human body could therefore warm a room, since these insulation thicknesses give our building qualification BBC building low-power , quasi-autonomous heat and thus constant temperature summer winter!


Finally, build sustainably means integrating housing clean energy for heating and hot water . For hot water , we chose solar energy through solar panels on the roof and heating we installed a pellet stove that heats the water and is connected to radiators in all parts .


And the rest , it will be up to you : the sorting of waste in suitable containers that we offer , good management of water and energy , and all the respect we can bring to the nature generous surrounding . A complete record of our work awaits you if you want to know more , and why not take advice ?

panneaux solaires

For food , for example , buying local is an eco- citizen movement. Valley High Buëch is very rich in small producers, often installed in organic farming. In the village of Montbrand , are a bakery (AB ) and a producer of red fruits ( AB) , and ourselves for honey. A Faurie , the neighboring village , there is a goat farmer for cheese (AB ), another baker, Lavandier and poultry farmer (AB) . And further, to Beaumugnes is installed breeder cows that makes delicious white cheese . Local producers are numerous and often grouped into point of sale (A La Faurie or Veynes example).

fromages vary

Each in our own small way we can do much to preserve our fragile planet wide …